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Posted by : arie cell Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Dragon age inquisition was introduced by Mark Darrah. This game will be introduced at the end of 2014. This will be built on new RPG engine using 3 technologies as a foundation. This enables Bio Ware to deliver high expansive world with better visual and more reactivity to player choice. This game is also done with customized features. This article will guide you with different features that are available in Dragon Age 3 Inquisition. One of them is the Combat which takes place in a real time environment but with strategic control options. The player acts as a party leader and at any point of time can freeze the action and enters a tactical view. This allows him to take in what is happening from any angle & assign allies to specific tasks. The player can take direct control of the party member in the battle. This game will change completely the way the players will fight dragons. When you are attacking the dragon, you should not hit all of them. You need to hit just its legs or its wing and that should matter a lot. It should matter where you are hitting the dragon. There eye multiple kinds of dragon with varieties of breath attacks and elemental attacks. The difference in elements and properties of the dragon will inform how the players should approach them from a combat point of view.

What characters are included in the game?

Just like the original dragon age, there are different party members who converse throughout the travel. Bio Ware has the largest cast of characters in the game. There are some new characters that are involved like Dorian who is a homosexual male who identifies as their 1st male character. This is a game of scale. Parties are made of prominent personalities in the universe& characters spend more time like setting up camps & fortifying strongholds at different areas. The world master system will allow your actions to impact the game universe. The players hunting pattern will affect the animal population in the zone. Mounts are introduced including horses & exotic mode of transportation. The crafting system will allow customization of armor and weapons. Characters will have direct control on shaping the abilities, tactics and attributes of their party.

How do the enemies take part in the game?

The enemies of dragon age 3 inquisition cdkey will operate with the coordinated team work, protect the zone of control and utilize the environment. Some of the known animals are Templars, mages and dragons. Fight against large enemies will allow you to target individual limbs for optimal damage.

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