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Happiness, Hamburguers and Awards!

By : arie cell
Some events have taken place these days in Barcelona, and we can't express how grateful we are for all the people who has been enjoying Nihilumbra during this last year.

We were awarded for the Best Game Design award at Gamelab 2013 !

After Gamelab we were at the Indie Burguer Developer, an event which consist in eating hamburguers with other fellow indie developers, it's like the greatest thing ever!

We were awarded with the "We want a sequel" award (We aren't planning a sequel for Nihilumbra at the moment... whooops!) and also the "Choosen by crowd" award. Actually the prizes were designed by Beautifun's artist Lourdes Nicolich, so we are happy to have won not one but two of them! as we were really hungry yesterday's night after three days of events.

Lots of fresh news!

By : arie cell

Hello! It has been a while since we last updated, so we bring lots of fresh news!
Nihilumbra goes free!

That's right. Nihilumbra, our first game, is going to be be promoted through FreeAppADay.com, which means that it will be available for download at no cost during five days, from NOW until Sunday.

The reason to do so is that tomorrow it's going to be Nihilumbra's birthday. It feels like we released yesterday, but a whole year has gone by. A whole year full of great stuff like being featured as one of Apple's Best games of 2012, reading lots of great reviews around the globe, achieving an 86 in metacritic.

Get them while they last!!! Spam your friends!!! And your family!!!


Also we noticed a mistake at the press release announcing the promotion. The date was wrong, It is free from now until Sunday. If you have recieved it, we are really sorry about the confusion this might have caused.

PC development video

Also some days ago we released a video showing the improvements of the PC and MAC version of Nihilumbra. We added LINUX support too.

At the moment we are trying to get to Steam via Greenlight, remember to vote us using the banner. Fillior is hungry and it really wants to be on Steam!

And there is even more news!

Gamelab 2013 awards

We have been nominated in three categories at this year's Gamelab awards. Tomorrow June 28th we will be at the ceremony, we can't wait to see what happens!

Also we are giving a speech on Friday 29th 17:30 pm, the topic is Indie Games: Risks and Opportunities:

If you scroll down... a lot (yeah we are still indies!!) you will see Kevin there!

And that's all for today!

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