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Nihilumbra HD is now finally available on Steam!

By : arie cell

Yes! Steam! we are there, finally! hard to believe but in the end all the work we started doing a year ago, today has come to fruition! So here is what you, dear long-time supporter, and you, welcomed newcomer to our site  (maybe thanks to the divine power of Steam), can find when entering the Nihilumbra Universe!

Nihilumbra is a dark tale that takes shape as a solid puzzle platformer where you play as Born, a weird but also charming being that one day separated and grew up from The Void. The Void seems to hate your hunger for independence, so he goes after you, vanishing everything he finds on its way only to try to absorb you back. Your only weapon to make your way through the end of the adventure are the colors you find along the stages of the game, each one has a power to modify the scenario. The use of colors, along with the melancholic loneliness of the game game, sets the perfect mood to present some really challenging situations to the players. Also, is impossible to forget to mention the hand-drawn graphics and the moody and melodic music composed by the brilliant Álvaro Lafuente.

Access here to Nihilumbra presskithttps://sites.google.com/site/nihilumbrapresskit/

The human story behind.
As it happens in the first stage of the game itself, Nihilumbra for its own was a leap of faith, in a gaming universe oversaturated with words like "social", "casual", "free to play" or "in-app purchase", a few students wanted to make a game in the old fashion, something that you pay for once and enjoy for your whole existence. That's Nihilumbra, a game about existentialism, full of challenges and meaning. Released for iOS platforms in early 2012, the initial goal was to raise the quality bar to try to stand out from the average mobile titles in the always overcrowded AppStore. A year and a half after, we can say we achieved it, the great critic reception (remarking iTunes’ Best of 2012: Hidden Gem award) fueled us to port our game to other platforms, like PC, Linux and Mac, and in the future to platforms like Wii U and Android.

And this is a golden chance to re-introduce you our dear Nihilumbra's trailer

You can also get Nihilumbra on the Humble Storehttp://www.nihilumbra.com/

New game features for this version:
  • Voice acting.
  • Levels adapted to widescreen.
  • New HD textures.
  • Improved and remastered soundtrack.
  • Art gallery.
  • Re-imagined and intuitive controls.
  • Improved atmospheric and weather FX
  • Steam Cards.
  • Achievements system.
  • Steam Cloud support.

Who are Beautifun Games

Receiving Best Game Design Award" for Nihilumbra at Gamelab 2013 (Barcelona)

We started out in March 2011 as a team of a few young graduate students from Barcelona who wanted to create something of their own, at the beginning there was no money there, only a passionated group of around 15 students who met once a week to try to shape their dreams into something truly enjoyable. As anyone may expect, in a few months that group of people became smaller and smaller, only the ones who really wanted (and could afford) to be part of that labour of passion remained. Then what it was going to be an amateur project turned into a professional work when Aniol, one of the four remaining members, purposed to invest his own savings in funding a real game company. Then BeautiFun Games was born and a year later Nihilumbra became its first child. Now you can understand why today is a great day for us, we see how our efforts are starting to pay off, and this way are opening the door to new projects, new leaps of faith.

Jesús Fabre. PR and Community Manager at BeautiFun Games.

And finally, Nihilumbra got Greenlit!!

By : arie cell
Hi Beautifans!

we have important news this week! ... because they are really big for us! after suffering and trying everything we could during this past year, we are now approved on Steam Greenlight! it has been really hard for us to raise the votes, but finally we raised no less than 20.900 upvotes and that put us in Greenlight's Top 10!!

To reach this point, we had to wait more than 13 months, 399 days to be exact! we tried many alternatives, we sent many many press releases asking for some coverage, we thought we could look for a publisher who already were approved by Valve to try to reach Steam through them, we did even a massive one-week Nihilumbra iOS giveaway, but nothing was really effective, but month after month we were gaining some votes. It wasn't until Steam decided to approve a round of 100 games in the end of August when we started to see the light and climb a bunch of positions and finally passed the filter.

Now we are working non-stop with the Steamworks integration tools to adapt our game to Steam as soon as possible and make it available there. We hope to have it ready for next week or maybe sooner!

Also this week has been quite busy with the launch of the PC version of  Nihilumbra, getting feedback and we also tried our best to spread the word and it went pretty well. The game got covered in many Youtube videos, streamings and press sites, here are some of the more remarkable appearances:

Websites and blogs:

IGN Spain (3/10/2013)
Gikz.pl (Poland - 2/10/2013)
Indiependencia (Spain - 1/10/2013)
Rubber Chicken (Portugal - 1/10/2013)
Indie Mag (France - 30/09/2013)
Games Master (Croatia - 27/09/2013)
Rock Paper Shotgun (26/09/2013)
Blogocio (Spain - 26/09/2013)
Skyrock (France - 26/09/2013)
Dailyapp Show (25/09/2013)
Random Havok (25/09/2013)
Península Indie (Spain - 24/09/2013)
Capsule Computers (25/09/2013)
Hookedgamers (17/09/2013)

Youtube videos and streamings:

Nihilumbra Walkthrough - Turbine Gaming

As you can see, the game is getting pretty nice comments out there, but we expect the Steam version to be even more complete, not only because of the new Steam achievements system. We are going to launch a small game update with this version, and then we hope to polish the Nihilumbra experience even more.

But in the middle of all this work, we are still celebrating it!

Will keep you updated! stay tuned!

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