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By : arie cell
Horrible being created from the void.
Deprived of conscience, the Crawlaggar wanders aimlessly forever.
He’s condemned to suffer eternal hunger, which makes him extremely angry and desperate if he finds something to eat.
He uses his long and strong arms to crawl over the ground; instinctively searching something to consume. He uses his long tentacle as an antenna to search possible victims. Once he finds one, he changes his shape to become deadlier.
When the crawlaggar starts chasing his victim, he never stops until he loses it or catches it.

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Crawlaggars are small compared with other enemies, but it's impossible to jump over them without help.
You will find them from the very beggining of the game. They are the most common enemy.
They can be easily manipulated using blue and green colors, and is easy to use them in your advantatge. They can press buttons or even distract other enemies.

They can be stupid, but they are still dangerous. Born doesn't have natural weapons to defend against them.

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