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Big Fat Lottos Lottery : Anyone May Win

By : arie cell
If you are among those who like to play lottery, online lottery games are very popular these days. There are many organizations that would readily provide you an opportunity to win a huge sum of money. It is up to you what you choose because after all it is the matter of staking a part of your hard earned money. You can consider playing big fat lottos lottery because it is a safe and secure website where you can contribute and play without a second thought. By keeping in mind few things you can even be sure and improve your possibilities of winning the prize money also.

One of the best parts of playing big fat lottos is that you can play anytime no matter whether there are enough players or not. In fact, experienced players suggest that you should play when the number is less so that the prize money gets distributed among less number of people and make the winning amount bigger. So, whenever you choose to play you simply need to log in and choose the set of number you like to stake.

Everyone who plays lottery nowadays plays with an intention of winning a jackpot. With big fat lottos lottery there is one thing for sure that you will never miss any draw or jackpot regardless of the fact whether you are logged in or not. You will be immediately informed about the draw and if you win the prize, the money will automatically get transferred into your account. Above all, the organization does not even charge you on your winning amount and the entire sum is sent to your account without any deduction like other lottery systems.

However, depending completely on lottery for earning money is not advisable. You should opt this for fun and do not make fixed plans on the winning money before you receive it. This will save you from depending simply on luck and destiny avoiding hard work and making use of your other skills. Even though big fat lottos lottery is reliable, safe and easy to play, you should not overlook the potential risks of staking money in a lottery.

So, risk only the sum of money which you can afford to lose when you decide to play the lottery game. Spare some cash for essentials before you buy the tickets. Let the lottery be a part of fun and to help you accomplish some of your hidden dreams.

Learn Tips of Playing Casino Games on Your Mobile Phones

By : arie cell
Not all the fun can be had online as you are not always at the desk or in one place. Gaming does not stick to just one sedentary station any more. With time the games and ways to play it have evolved. First from a desktop to an online environment where anyone can enter to play and now to a whole new level. You can carry games with you and get gaming any where. Playful games in the mobile environment makes sure of this. You own a smart phone, great, as it guarantees you all the special gaming facilities available out there on your handset. Mobile version of games took time to evolve but with growth in technology, they have become the providers of ultimate fun. The action packed and extremely structured game play mesmerized the players as they played the mobile casino games.

Casino games and other games that involve betting are crowd favorites. Playing them always brings you lots of winning moments and prizes. Going to a great casino adventure does not require you to go to Las Vegas, you can have quick bites from your mobiles. The essence of it is spread across the mobile sites where all the casino fun is yours. You can go out with games or even if you are getting bored outside you have the mobile games at your rescue. Play mobile casino games and get the exact feeling of betting and winning from it. More offers and deals are placed on this platform as many people can access it easily. There is a possibility to find some or the other special games and promotions running round the clock. Playing slots, card games and spinning to instant wins is all in these mobile playgrounds for you.

Taking fun anywhere is like getting to play at any place you are. You don't have to sit or find time specially for this. It becomes a part of you and having amusing games in your life is a good sign. The pass time games are available on a touch and you can enjoy between breaks or while commuting as well. If you are a member you have all the treats on your mobile waiting for you to open the doors. Winning opportunities are in abundance, play mobile casino games and get lots of enjoyment regularly. Going mobile means you never miss any offer featuring on the casino.

Convincing Reasons Online Bingo Is Something Out of a Fairy Tale

By : arie cell
Even if you are not into reading, you can't deny that you have fairy tales. Yes, the stories which may or may not have fairies but definitely have a prince and a princess who overcome obstacles which are laid on their path and finally have a happy ending. Now the fairy tales have morph into something else altogether. Gone are the days of prince and princess, now the stories of the underdog have taken the centre stage where the underdog beats all the obstacles and finally fulfils his or her dream. The new age fairy stories are plenty, in fact you there is one fairy tale in the making in the form of online bingo. Surprised? Yes, online bingo games bring a it to you whenever you happen to log in your favourite site. Now what do we mean by bingo being a fairy tale? Well, the points are listed down which draws the similarities between the stories and online bingo games.

You get a happy ending - Like any fairy tale, your bingo story is always going to end on a happy note. Want to know why? Well, any good bingo site is like a treasure cove waiting to be found. All you need to do is set on the right path. Don't worry, the map to the treasure is handed out to you. Just follow the sparkle of the gems so to speak and be ready to lay your hands on the prizes galore like massive cash prizes, jackpots, monthly promotions prizes and more.

There are no real enemies - If you recall all the best fairy tales, you will realize that there were no real foes for the protagonist. The main character just had to come to a self-realization and the rest just fell all back into the place and even antagonist disappeared. Online bingo rooms also give you a golden opportunities in making some extra mint and bagging a truckload of gaming fun. Your roomies are not really your competitors but more like your friendly goofy sidekicks, so while you are on your bingo adventure, they keep you well entertained with jokes and quirky suggestions. The enemy is here is you yourself; when you realize you are hindering yourself from achieving the bingo dreams, that day the evil witch inside you will disappear and that will pave the path for a smooth, hinder-free ending.

Everyone is your friend - Just like fairy tale, where the birds and trees sprung into action to help the damsel in distress and keep her company when she is down, everyone including the chat hosts, your bingo buddies, your roomies and also the house will try its best to help out along the way when you are down and put a smile back onto face by tempting you with exciting prizes or interesting chitchats.

Learn Tips to Enjoy Fun With Free Bingo Games

By : arie cell
No more gaming deposits to trouble, Go straight to play now!

If you have been around the online gaming scene, you know how it was like when you had very limited free games to play. The monopoly kept entertainment not affordable for every one. Thank god times are changing gaming, enthusiasts are in luck for the three sixty degree change. Bingo players have been troubled with deposits in order to play games. Each site gave them access and cash payouts only when they deposited money into their bingo accounts with the site. Though it was full of fun and players gained a lot, but staking money was not the option everybody had. Now it is a grown up industry with a wide variety of gaming facilities and has lead to bring free bingo no deposit required play for all.

Get Bonus Gifts, Play without Deposits

The sites ask you to deposit so that you can buy tickets to play bingo and wager in games. But now sites have understood and has launched free games sections for such players. All the players who sign up will get bonuses and bingo bucks from the site, after they join. This token is a gesture of gratitude and a welcome gift that all players will use to play. Taking deposits out of the picture by giving out such freebies became a stunning hit. Players got to play top quality games without worrying for money. This way the bingo communities grew in size and many new players got to enjoy gaming delights online every day. No stressing out or being unsatisfied about not getting to play without deposits, as you have plenty of free stuff to play.

Get Comfortable With Wagering

While betting is about taking monetary risks in order to gain more out of the wager, the gaming operators intend make their move with free games. Once players get comfortable with wagering than they can choose the payment options. Likewise from the very start, freedom must be given to all the players to choose what they want to play. Trying out games for free and winning bonuses from gaming will not only make players confident but make them a better player. The risks with money can be taken when one gets seasoned with the games. You do not miss on the live action and other specials as the promotional deals cater free players as well. There are a lot of free bingo opportunities where no deposits are required.

An Elaborate Study on Free Bingo Sites

By : arie cell
Free bingo sites have taken the popularity of online bingo to a different level. Gamers were already elated with the chance to play from the comfort of their home and avail a myriad of bonuses and promotions. With the introduction of this new and sensational opportunity to play without any cost, the fame of online bingo games is now going through the roof. New set of gaming sites that have come into existence in recent years have come up with this ground-breaking offer to their registered members. The domain of online bingo is a competitive one and the competition has increased a lot after the inclusion of many new playing websites. To make their presence felt, these budding online gaming halls have come with alluring offers and the offering of free gaming portals has proved to be one of the most successful marketing tricks as many gamers seemed to be fascinated by this offer. Playing websites that require no monetary deposit are varied as well.

Players those who want to make the most of this enticing offer should consult with a bingo informational site from which they can get a list of the online gaming platforms that are free of cost. At some free bingo sites gamers can play games without any cost and accumulate their winnings. Players can consider these winnings as their deposit money and can start playing paid games by betting with that money. This chance to play without having to spend a dime from their own pockets helps several different players with different purposes. Especially the new gamers those who hardly have any idea about the online bingo games have made the most if this offer as they take this chance to play for free as a learning tool. Losing and winning make no difference as gamers didn't spend any money and by playing free games they get a hang of the way online games operate and the quality of the software.

There are also players who love the fun aspect of the game more than the gambling. These gamers are not regular and they take the game as a pleasant pastime only. Since they are not keen to make money out of a leisurely activity they don't want to invest money for that as well. These gamers love to play at free bingo sites simply to enjoy the games as long they want. There are also players from restricted countries where gamers cannot take part in any form of gambling. These gamers can open a fun account with these free bingo sites and play to their heart's content. Gamers who have gambling problem and those who cannot afford to buy tickets for the game have also found free gaming halls very beneficial for them.
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The BeautiFun Team Stories - Jordi Longueira (Part I/II)

By : arie cell

Jordi Longueira is a passionate 26 years old artist, most of that time he has spent watching cartoons, reading comics, playing videogames, but above all, he has been drawing and constantly trying to improve his technique. Let's know more about his story.

Jordi: The first memory I have is from 1992, then I was 5 years-old and my father gave me a Nintendo NES. I remember exactly how some delivery guys came home, installed a 17inch TV and plugged a NES to it. In that moment I had no idea of what was that machine, I thought it was some sort of a VHS player, that device used some weird tapes. The first one I saw in movement was Super Mario Bros and my thought that it was a horrible cartoon... until they moved the character and it blew me away. I loved all kind of cartoons as a kid, and videogames were the most awesome extension of cartoons ever, those were ones you could manipulate at your will!

Jesús: So your father was curious about games and decided to buy a console overnight? Are games also a family hobby at home like happens in the case of Lourdes?

Unfortunately not, nobody in my family plays games,only my sister played a little when she was little,I was the one who got deeply hooked. After seeing I couldn't stop playing, I think my father repented of buy a NES console. My family is very traditional, my father has a restaurant and still works there during like 12 hours a day, my mother has been a housewife during all her life, but also helped my father at the restaurant. Both of my parents have no distractions or hobbies, they have seen videogames as a waste of time and toys for kids for a very long time.

Wow! So in your specific case, get to work on videogames within such a discouraging environment has been a big achievement.

I have to admit it wasn't anyway easy, my parents didn't appreciate my passion for videogames, cartoons, or drawing. They kept telling me this was useless, that no way I would make a living out of it. But didn't care about what they could say, in particular about drawing, I simply loved it and couldn't stop doing it. Was particularly obsessed with drawing, did that all day long, even at school, where several teachers sent letters to my parents complaining because I wasn't paying attention to their lessons.

Remember I spent the whole day sketching at school: He-Man, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Flinstones, Evangelion and many more. Drawed everything I watched in all the cartoon series, even at the same time they were moving on the screen! (sometimes I had no time to finish the sketch because the character -logically- moved, and was a bit frustrating). But I have to remark a cartoon series that captivated me, that would be Dragon Ball and Dr. Slump.

Why Dragon Ball and which of their characters did you like the most?

Dragon Ball and anime in general was a huge fenomenon for the kids in Catalonia in the 90s. As happened with Dr. Slump I loved that innocent humour of the first era when Goku is a kid, I even spent the few money my parents gave me in buying Dragon Ball comics, the white and red series.
For me the most charismatic character is Vegeta, also I love Majin Buu because of his excentric personality mixing extremely stupid humour in the middle of the more absolute chaos.

Can you tell us about where you were born and how was your education?

I was born in Terrasa, a city close to Barcelona, where I'm still living with my mother. I was to a very conservative school, where you had to talk to all the teachers like they were eminences. Drawing for me turned also into a way of showing my rebelliousness against that educational system. It may seem contradictory, but my most hated subject was Plastic and Visual Arts, I had to deal with geometry or geography but never had to draw anything! The most useful thing I take from that time at school were the many Dragon Ball drawings I sold to classmates. And with that money I could rent my favourite games!

Which games did you enjoy the most during your childhood and adolescence?

I'm a big Nintendo fan, maybe its all due to being NES the first platform I played on. Since then I purchased all their systems. So being such a big fan of the big N is very much caused by Super Mario Bros, that was the first game I ever played and the one that would end up hooking me to the medium forever. The game was hard for that time and for my age (5 years old), but instead of discouraging me when I got killed, it managed to animate me and keep trying and trying.

In the NES I also discovered the first Zelda game, that was even tougher than Mario! I was lost all the time, with no idea of what to do or where to go, until ten years later I ended up beating it (without using any guide!). Nowadays I can proudly say I beat all the Zelda titles developed by Nintendo except the ones for DS, simply because I cannot stand the touch controls.

I loved two player cooperative games because I played them with my sister. In the NES era I cannot forget to mention Chip'n Dale: Rescue Rangers. And for SNES I very much enjoyed Donkey Kong Country, that cooperative mode and pre-rendered graphics impacted me like nothing else I ever saw before. Also the second part was devilishly hard!

If Mario made me love videogames as a gamer, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time was the title that made me dream with the possibility of one day becoming a game developer. It had really epic and memorable moments, characters that you took very fond and a dark atmosphere without needing to use blood or gratuitous violence. Ocarina of Time is, without a doubt, my favourite game since then.

I also had a Playstation One, where I played the sublime Final Fantasy IX. The seventh installment of the series was great, but I liked this one much more. I loved its ambience that took back to the origins of the saga and some of its characters (specially Vivi and Steiner) are the best I have ever seen in the saga in regards to design and history. The only complaint I have about the whole game is the final part, I wasn't satisfied with it since it went too far from what the initial story purposed.

The last game I will remark is Pokemon Blue Version, it had a huge amount of creatures to capture and train, attacks, evolutions...I never learned the names and dates at my History classes but I managed to learn the 251 Pokemons with their level evolutions. Also, spent countless hours with my link cable, exchanging creatures with my classmates.

Other interviews: 

BeautiFun Weekly: News and Discoveries Ep.11

By : arie cell

Nihilumbra for Wii U official presentation in Madrid.
via @BeautiFunGames

Last Thursday Nintendo flew us to their Showroom in Madrid to present the upcoming version of Nihilumbra for Wii U. Kevin and Aniol introduced the game to many of journalists who were curious about the new features of this release and also the story of our studio. Aside of the technical improvements we added to the PC version, the game for Wii U will have two main new features: 
  • An asymmetric 2-players cooperative mode.
  • Improved controls: The hybrid control mode (analog dpad with buttons and touchscreen). The Wii U GamePad makes this version the most complete to date. 
Stay tuned, we will keep you informed about the release date of Nihilumbra for Wii U!
    Another World: Rotoscoping & Interview Eric Chahi
    via @JesusFabre

    In this feature documentary Eric Chahi brings us back in time to the early 90's, when he created the classic Another World (one of the titles that inspired Nihilumbra). The piece is totally worth to see, especially if you are curious about the technical intricacies behind and the cultural influences present in the game. 

    The huge phenomenon behind Twitch plays Pokemon.

    Around the 12th of February an anonymous Twitch user managed to stream the first generation Pokemon game on his Twitch TV channel. But for everyone's surprise, he wasn't the only one who could control the game, since he binded the controls to the stream common chat so anyone attending the stream could participate. Now is when things go crazy up to the point of having around 120.000 users playing the game at a given time (and at least 738.000 have played in total for now). The owner of the stream is moderating the game to avoid trolls, but in general it seems everything goes quite smooth and the community is very cooperative.

    The game already generated several memes, like the Helix Fossil one. Due to having so many people trying to control the game, there was an specific item that was constantly kept vainly selected, the so called Helix Fossil. This constant action of consulting that precise item created a wide range of stories and jokes among the community, treating it like it was a holy deity, which the player uses for guidance. The community jokes that the true goal in the game switched to accomplish the usage of that Helix Fossil item in the proper place, that is to revive ancient fossil Pokemon Omanyte, once you get to Cinnabar Island.

    Keep an eye on Hunting Anubis.
    via @JesusFabre

    Hunting Anubis is a single/multiplayer combat flight sim focusing on near future drone warfare. Currently in a free, open Beta period. Dogfight enemies fully autonomous or remotely manned in the endless fight for the skies of the 21st century.

    Here you can download the beta for Windows, Mac or Linxu.

    Orihaus :: Design, Code, Modeling, Graphics, Enviroments.
    Lhasa Mencur :: Music, Audio.
    Aliceffekt :: Additional Modeling and Map Design.
    Henk Boom and Renaud Bédard :: Waiting For Horus base Code.

    A video with every NES game start screen in alphabetical order.
    via @JesusFabre

    Aside of the logical nostalgic feelings this video will arouse in many old-school gamers, I find really interesting to see how the games were presented twenty to thirty years ago: the music, the aesthetics (logo, colors, shapes, etc).

    Here you can check out our previous issue of BeautiFun Weekly: News and Discoveries.

    The BeautiFun Team Stories - Lourdes Nicolich (Artist) Part II/II

    By : arie cell

    Link to Part I/II.

    With videogames I discovered a new medium that was really special and thrilling, they let me choose my own path and take control of a character in amazing fantasy worlds! I started thinking about how much I would love to be able of creating those universes someday.

    As I was telling you before, when I was between 8 and 10 years-old  I played Super Nintendo games like Donkey Kong Country or Aladdin. Those, aside of being really funny, had a superb art that inspired my drawings a lot by the time. Also I loved drawing landscapes of the nature, I had to be good at it, since some schoolmates accused me of copying/cheating because they didn't believe I could be able to paint them all by myself. 
    So I continued painting by pure hobby and inspiration, all of this followed by passion of someday becoming a game artist. I learned some Corel Draw in my free time and wrote short fairytales, that I also illustrated. You may think I studied arts since very young, but I got a little bit misguided and did a human-sciences bachelor in high school. But afterwards I was quite strongly determined to go after my dream of being an artist and with a lot of effort I passed the entrance test for Fine Arts University.

    Jesús: What did you enjoy the most learning at the University?

    I loved animation subject, the teacher was Josep María Blanco, a brilliant professional. Also natural drawing inspired by human models was something I deeply enjoyed. Thanks to graphic design I reinforced my critical sense about texts styles, paragraphs, etc. I also remember how much I critizised some games that didn't take care of those issues. 

    Jesús: I see you are quite perfectionist and are rather curious personality, right?

    Yeah, I think we all are quite perfectionists at BeatutiFun Games. As a proof, in Nihilumbra you can see the smooth and well-finished texts of the game, the typography is really carefully selected for each language. But I'm still learning to be satisfied with a certain degree of perfection, because all the extremes are bad.

    Jesús: And what happened after the university? Did you finally started make videogames?

    Not really, its a bit weird because, in spite I focused on learning everything I thought could be useful to make games, but somehow lost track and I ended up working in the graphic design area for web,  multimedia applications and advertising. After working during a stint on several companies, I was wondering what happened with my passion for doing art for videogames. And what a coincidence that one day I received a letter from the University where they informed about a videogame Masters Degree. That was a true temptation and the only thing that kept me back from signing up was the really high price. But my parents ended up convincing me, they told me that it could be paid in installments and, combining their help with some money that I earned working, we managed to pay it; so there I went, learning how to do art for videogames!

    Jesús: How was your experience with the Video-game Masters Degree?

    I started the course thinking absolutely in positive, trying to learn as much as possible, especially about the technical side of how video games were made, that was amazing for me. And also the technological side was my weakest point in my curriculum after I did my Fine Arts studies. Also I enjoyed very much attending conferences by industry professionals who came around to share their experience with us. There I had also the chance to meet great people, with the same tastes than me, and as a consequence of this, some of us ended up founding BeautiFun Games.

    Jesús: What can you tell us about the game you developed at the Master, "Once Upon a Night"?

    It was a game we based on experimentation, trying out different ideas each member of the group had. The game aesthetics were very important, since we had two worlds, the dreamy and the nightmarish, it was a challenge to keep the art of each world different and related at the same time. I got the idea of how to change the appearance of the environment from dreamy to nightmarish and vice-versa from watching a seaweed that reacted by hiding when it was touched. The programmers played with the shaders to try to change the textures progressively and in a stylized way. It was quite a complex project for beginners like us, when we tought a problem/bug was solved, another issue emerged somewhere else. Also I found fascinating how things were done internally in our game, we learned a lot from other commercial games and how they solved those problems. As an example, I remember we studied Alan Wake and how it used the flashlight in each position and situation, and also how commercial games tried to avoid or dissimulate tiling. 

    Jesús: How did you met the different components of BeautiFun Games?

    I met Aniol because we shared the same passion about game development process. We were both curious about all the aspects needed, since our goal was to be able to make a complete game. In fact  I was the first person who encouraged Aniol it would be a great idea to create a videogame company, he liked it and after the Masters Degree he surprised everyone from our group with the company creation purposal, and finally here we are!

    Jesús: What were the key factors for defining the artistic aspect of Nihilumbra?

    I clearly remember when Kevin and Aniol came one day with several game ideas, and then Kevin explained the idea of Nihilumbra. I started to imagine many things about how that world would be, the amazing journey the player would live. He had the monsters design very clear in his mind and I quickly shaped in my mind the main aspect for the landscapes. The world Kevin had in mind at the beginning was designed to emphasize the use of the paintings, so it lacked colors, the characters were silhouettes, quite Limbo-esque. But I thought that the player should be able to feel the inmensity of the world like Born feels it, and also perceive colors, at least a bit, in some way, so I suggested the usage of expressiveness and plasticity of painting to illustrate the scenarios. Born is a character that begins his existence at the beginning of the game. He is not capable of fully understanding the world that surrounds him. He’s especially fascinated with the colors that he finds, but he can’t really assimilate them properly, like he was colorblind. I thought that we could represent that giving the colors a special importance in the backgrounds while keeping them desaturated, so every world Born visits is somehow pervaded with the predominant color of that world (blue with frozen cliffs, green with the living forest, etc). I took Kevin’s initial idea and developed it so the art fitted with Born, the story and the atmosphere. In the following images you can see a few concept arts Kevin showed to the team to start thinking about how the game should look like.

    Jesús: Are you especially proud of something in particular in the artistic aspect of the game?

    I loved that I didn't need to change a lot of things we did on the original Photoshop concepts to what was finally included in the final game (textures, etc). This is something I really appreciate and I thank our dear programmers because they did a great effort to make it possible.

    And now we are finishing the interview, can you tell me a good quality of each member of the team, and a good and a bad quality of yourself?

    Aniol is very analitic and persevering, loves to look at things from every possible aspect.

    Pol is a really patient guy, I remember that I loved the particle, weather and special effects he did at Nihilumbra. He is also good at estimating the time that a technical task will take.

    Kevin is always in the journey of self-improvement, he plays tons of games to analyze them and try to learn from their good and bad design choices.

    Suey is a really down to Earth guy and always loves to work the extra mile, improving the performance of the game code. 

    Jordi is a very passionate guy, super perfectionist and critic with his own work (also with others' work, but always auto-critic himself first). I like how he likes to learn new things by himself and love the day to day routine, when we share thoughts and cooperate the best we can.

    Jesús is very perservering, love how he likes to learn from everything and also very good talking and getting to know people. 

    And about me, I can say some of my virtues are I'm persevering and also put tons of effort into making everything as perfect as possible. Those virtues can turn into weak points when they go too far, so I try to learn to say "stop improving something that's already very good", and also while most of the time I'm optimistic and cheerful, I have to control my bad-temper from time to time.

    Jesús: Thinking about the near future, what can you tell us about Megamagic?

    Megamagic story is not as abstract and philosophical as Nihilumbra’s, also at an artistic level it presents a lot of new challenges. My work on the game is focused on environments and backgrounds, in this case the game is really happy and colourful. Conceptually I like how crazy it is, the mixture of very different cultural influences, films, cartoons, comics, etc. I really love the freedom I have to create things from my own imagination.

    Link to Part I/II.

    You can get in touch with Lourdes on Twitter, she is @llEvadne

    Other interviews: 

    BeautiFun Weekly: News and Discoveries Ep.10

    By : arie cell

    Galactic Princess: Lead your crew to the glory in this strategic survival set in Space. 

    You may already know Cecly as the developer of the original runner Too Many Me. A few days ago they launched their next project Galactic Princess on Kickstarter.

    In this adventure you play as the captain of a smuggler spaceship who has to find a lost princess in order to restore the peace  and rule in the universe. Train your crew, design and improve your crew, elaborate your strategy to fight other ships and find valuable resources. The game looks really promising, it is also asking for your support on Greenlight, here you have the trailer:

    Idle Thumbs, an insightful show about the game industry.

    Idle Thumbs is a video game podcast made by game developers who work or are working on studios like Telltale Games, The Fullbright Company or Double Fine. The approach is very honest and analytic at the same time, also with a relaxing atmosphere and nice bits of humour. I find it quite worth to listen. Also take a look at Tone Control, a series of conversations with game developers hosted by Steve Gaynor.

    Outerra: The seamless planet rendering engine.

    Is incredible what this still in development engine can do:

    3D planetary engine for seamless planet rendering from space down to the surface. Can use arbitrary resolution of elevation data, refining it to centimeter resolution using fractal algorithms.

    Unlimited visibility, progressive download of data, procedural content generation.

    Integrated vehicle and aircraft physics engines. Embedded web browser for web service integration and more.

    Maybe you should check out the video below to convince yourself it is real, or even better, here you can download a demo that allows you to explore nothing less than a complete real scale planet Earth.

    Fac: Fru is probably one of the best gaming experiences made for Kinect.

    During the past Global Game Jam thousands of games were developed following the theme "We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are". Maybe one of the most clever games created was this prototype by Mattia Traverso and his team, you may better known Mattia from this game One and one Story, that was an IGF finalist in the student category in 2012. Take a look:

    This is what we would call an impressive collection of Nintendo games and consoles.

    No words can describe this amazing collection, only an image:

    Here you can check out our previous issue of BeautiFun Weekly: News and Discoveries.

    BeautiFun Weekly: News and Discoveries Ep.9

    By : arie cell
    Some of the most noteworthy topics we recently discovered.

    Nihilumbra will be at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

    We are happy to announce that Nihilumbra will be exhibited at the MWC 2014 held in Barcelona from 24th to 27th of February. We are one of the companies part of the Entrepreneurs and Professional Apps Developers Association from Catalonia (ACA / Catalunya Apps), so every visitor will be able to play it at ACA's stand. Feel welcome to pass by and check out our game!

    Mushroom 11 is more than a post-apocalyptic physics-based puzzle game.

    Mushroom 11 is a very particular puzzle game that started its development at Global Game Jam 2012. That edition had Ouroboros as a theme, so Itay Keren came up with a heavy-physics based puzzle game. Mushroom 11 features a blob that can grow, but it keps its amount of mass constant when it has reactions with other materials and substances. The player has the hability to shape and split/joint parts of the blob and cut it into different parts to get over the challenges each level presents.
    Fortunately, the game has been funded by Indie-Fund, here you can check out Jonathan Blow showcasing the title, that also is nominated to this year's IGF in the "Excellence in Design" category:

    I recommend you to check out this interesting feature on Mushroom 11 and its developer we found at Gamasutra.

    Via @JesusFabre

    Paradise Lost: First Contact.

    "In a remote desert, an unidentified object falls from the skies. A research organization known as G.E.R. has tracked and found the mysterious meteor: a capsule of organic material that brings an unknown life-form to our planet from the depths of space. Here begins the story of this impossible being, as it attempts to escape and survive on this strange, hostile world that we call home."

    A brilliant presentation with superb pixel art works, a unique story that stepped us into the shoes of an alien plant being hunted by humans and a hollywood-style soundtrack. Paradise Lost took everybody by surprise, and in our case that surprise was even bigger when we discovered they were Spanish. Recently Suey and Aniol attended to a great talk by Enol Martínez, Asthree's pixel artist and animator, where he gave some really useful advices to other developers about how to manage a Kickstarter campaign. From BeautiFun Games we want to recommend you to follow Asthree's work, we are sure Paradise Lost: First Contact is going to be a great game, not only because the videos showed a good amount of innovative and fun ideas about its gameplay, also because Asthree team behind it are taking the project as a real labour of love.

    Action Henk, fresh old school platforming from The Netherlands.

    Action Henk by the Dutch indie studio Ragesquid is another recent discovery, I came to know about it when after reading a recommendation from Vlambeer's Rami Ismail on Twitter. The trailer you see below caught my eye, so decided to try out the build available online. The game made me remember some great moments from the nineties, it could have been a SEGA arcade game at the time. About the gameplay, it is a blend of games like Sonic, Motocross Maniacs, and Unirally, I think a competitive split-screen mode will add lots of fun, totally recommendable.
    "Action Henk is a speed-running momentum platformer, played in a nostalgic toy world. Action Henk’s core gameplay is platforming as fast as you can. Run, Jump & Slide in this 2.5D platformer and reach the finish as fast as possible. The challenge is all about managing your momentum, acceleration and friction while racing through the levels. The goal for the player is provided in the form racing against pre-recorded replays that determine the time needed to reach medals for every level."

    When you play piano and Tekken Tag Tournament 2 at the same time.

    We have seen very curious ways to pay homage to videogames, being cosplay one of the most famous ones. Video-clips with images taken from videogames or even hardware hacks that transform console into portable machines, but recently we discovered something different, a guy who plays piano and at the same time fights his opponents in Tekken Tag Tournament 2:

    Vía @truguers

    Here you can check out our previous issue of BeautiFun Weekly: News and Discoveries.

    The BeautiFun Team Stories - Lourdes Nicolich (Artist) Part I/II

    By : arie cell

    This week we start our interview to Lourdes Nicolich, artist and co-founder of our studio. In this first part you will know more about her gaming background. Her life with games is really intense and she also has a great memory, so be prepared for an amazing travel back in time!

    Lourdes: Almost could say I literally was born surrounded by video games. My parents loved them since the very beginning, even before they married they were absolutely fascinated with the first arcade machines. So before I was born they already had played Pong and Space Invaders arcades, then bought a Coleco-Vision! 

    As I was growing up I found out they had bought an Amiga and an arcade cabinet. My father installed some kind of connectors on it that allowed me to play Amiga games like if it was an arcade. I remember it was on that Amiga computer and with those arcade joysticks where I beated the first Prince of Persia!

    We also had an MSX that worked with a cassette tape. Each game we wanted to play on it took a really long time to load! Many times the game would hang during the process, so my father, with  infinite patience, had to use a screwdriver to try to re-adjust the cassette and plug it again. 

    Something curious I strongly remember is each and every title screen from each of the games we played at the time. Since I was a small kid, I unconsciously received the influence of my mother's passion for crafts and drawing. Always got  astonished looking at those pixel art screens, they made my imagination ran free! One of the most memorable title screens for me was the one from Mad Mix Game, a Spanish game inspired by Pac Man. In that cover it seemed like the character was getting its own life and he wanted to jump out of the screen. 

    Another games I fondly hark back to are:
    • Mickey's Runaway Zoo, an educational game I played while riding a train.

    • Rodland, a beat'em up I played along with my sister. Remember we crafted really cool cooperative strategies to kill all the enemies around, and we finally beated the game, it was quite hard, especially because we couldn't save our progress and, once we died, we had to restart everything again from the very beginning.  

    • Cannot forget to mention Silk Worm, a side-scroller shooter starred by a heavy armed Jeep and a helicopter were my mother and I spent countless hours playing co-op mode, obsessed with the idea of getting further and futher without being killed.

    • I was fascinated with Flashback, especially watching its introductory sequences. It was awe-inspiring to see how with so few polygons the game could transmit you a lot of feelings. 

    Jesús: So your family was a key factor in your gaming life. Could you explain a bit more about your gaming habits with them? 

    L: Yes, I used to play a lot with my parents back then, and I still do it nowadays when I visit them. My father was the one who started this hobby for video games and then my mother got really passionated too. My father loves pinball games and also plays FIFA from now and then. Lately he is pouring many hours into GTA Online with my sister and her boyfriend when they all come out of work. My mother loves platformers like Mario, puzzle games, and adventure titles like Zelda.

    J: I see you love Mario games, I would like to know your opinion about how well Mario has aged since the first game came out.

    L: I think they have kept the essence of what makes Mario an excellent platformer. And at the same time they have innovated in their playability. For example Mario Galaxy produced me a really exciting vertigo feeling. I also enjoy a lot when we play four people at the same time in any of the last Mario games (New Super Mario Bros Wii and the likes). 

    J: Here I asked Lourdes if she had tried that Nintendo Land mini-game called Luigi's Ghost Mansion with her family and friends. I had played it and really think it was bringing something new to the typical multiplayer gaming experience with the usage of the Wii U GamePad controller. 

    L: That kind of gameplay is not so innovative, it looks really similar to what had been implemented for Pac-Man Vs., a mini-game launched in 2003 that was included as part of Namco's R: Racing Evolution. Three players were controlling ghosts, that could only view a limited part of the map, and the fourth player was Pac-Man, that was controlled using the Game Boy Advance handheld. Pac-Man's goal is the classic one, to eat all the pills and also defeat ghosts on its way before he could be captured. 

    So there was a clear similarity between both games, and that's not something that should surprise us, since the game designer was nothing less than Shigeru Miyamoto himself!

    JI see you mainly played consoles during the last 20 years, can you tell me about the story of the different consoles you had?

    L: Yes, the Amiga, as happened with all the other 16 bit computers, was  dethroned by the PCs and my father was looking for the next big thing to give us for Christmas, it had to be something we could all play in the living room. He researched a bit and finally bought a Super Nintendo, he liked the graphics and the kind of games it offered at the time (1992).

    Then we started renting Super Nintendo games, one each week, on a constant basis. So we easily ended making a great friendship with the owners of our closest video club, a couple around the same age of my parents that didn't take too long in adding us to their VIP clients list. That privilege allowed one day to be one of the first to try Donkey Kong Country, a game that my father was curious about after reading some magazine reports. He sent me to rent the game and as soon as I came back home I started playing, and couldn't stop! My father came back from work and when he saw the game he was astonished, petrified. He saw the whole evolution of videogames, and he couldn't believe that the Super Nintendo was able to handle those character animations, beautiful and detailed scenarios, that music, the smooth and responsive control... that was an instant buy for him (and me too).
    Another really curious anecdote happened the day my father connected the console to our Hi-Fi system and started recording the game music. He asked me to play some games without being killed (so we had no FX in the audio), so he could record the music of each level to listen to it at anytime. We loved to listening to that music during travels or simply at home. That also created a great culture of listening to game scores in all the family. For example, recently I enjoyed very much the Castlevania: Lords of Shadows soundtrack. 

    As my father started collecting computers and consoles at a very young age, I was really lucky to be able to play pretty most of the systems available. We didn't buy all the consoles at launch, only the ones we really loved. We have been adquiring most of consoles followed by the one that offered the best games and stories. Since we got a Super Nintendo we were big fans of most of Nintendo titles, but also appreciate SEGA systems, games like Sonic or Ecco the Dolphin justify the purchase of a Megadrive or a Dreamcast. 

    J: Can you mention some games from the 90s that left you a strong mark?

    L: From Nintendo 64 era I adore The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, the story, the world, the depth in the gameplay, that beautiful music, it got me hooked. The game was full of surprises and mysteries, the hidden magic caves, the fairies... Was fascinated with the owl that magically teleported you to other areas of the game, Zora and the whale, the part when you meet Epona, the game is full of memorable details that really make up a superb experience.

    Tomb Raider is another saga that I won't forget. I loved how Lara was depicted in the game, she was a mixture between an explorer and a warrior, and the game had also some sci-fi / mystic elements that fascinated me. Totally loved the challenges and puzzle resolutions Tomb Raider games always presented. 

    J: And during the last decade, which games have been the most significative for you?

    L: I have been impressed by a few games to say the truth. First one would be Bioshock, where I loved that discovery feeling of exploring strange old worlds, the powers of plasmids was kind of magic and fascinating, a story that unraveled progressively. I was a bit afraid during the last part of the game, but my sister took control and she beated the game while I was watching and encouraging her. Something similar happened with the first Dead Space, but I also loved it!

    Also, I cannot forget to mention the last two Rayman titles. Now I'm playing them both, when I get tired of Rayman Origins on the Wii I alternate with Rayman Legends on the PS3. The previous Rayman games (Rayman 1, 2 and 3, etc) were more adventure-oriented around a story (something like Zelda), and the last ones are more focused on pure old-school platformers, quite challenging and filled with tons of crazy fun!

    J: As a player, how do you see the evolution of videogames and the state of the industry nowadays?

    L: I have to admit I'm tired of those AAA games that aim to imitate films, to be more and more realistic while repeating the old gameplay formulas we all know.
    But we still have some classic sagas like Mario, Rayman or Donkey Kong that, while keeping the same characters and mechanics, they are somehow fresh and still have the original high quality production values that made them so successful.

    Now with us, the indies, things are really more diverse. Recently Jordi recommended me to play Deponia, Aniol told me about how cool Fez was. So I have to try them out! I'm used to play together with friends and family in the living room, so PC gaming is a bit of a problem for me. But somehow I will connect the PC to my TV, plug a controller and dedicate a good time to dive into the vast indie game catalog available.

    Continues in Part II.

    You can get in touch with Lourdes on Twitter, she is @llEvadne

    Other interviews: 

    BeautiFun Weekly: News and Discoveries Ep.8

    By : arie cell

    PAD: Professional Associated Developers.  

    This week we attended the presentation of the Professional Associated Developers association in Barcelona. PAD is a non lucrative, open, active, inclusive, horizontal and transparent organization with the goal of fulfilling the real needs of the independent (indie) video game developer. Its goals are:

    • Promote the cooperation between companies.
    • Promote the video game industry and associates by participating in international events.
    • Organize a Developers Congress Bridge between media and associates.
    • Help associates find quality counsel in business management.
    • Establish cooperation agreements with organizations from other sectors, public and private organizations, universities and other specialized educational centres.

    BeautiFun Games is one of the 40 founding partners, we believe that PAD will definitely improve our relationships with the institutions and also help us to strengthen and be closer to the Spanish indie scene.

    Vía @BeautiFunGames

    Serena released for free on Steam.

    Serena is a free adventure game that Senscape released with the help of other 40 collaborators.
    How long has it been? A man sits in a distant getaway cabin waiting for his wife Serena. Where is she? Things in the cabin evoke memories, and the husband comes to a disturbing realization...  
    This short point-and-click adventure is the result of a massive collaborative effort between dozens of fans and designers of adventure games. Rallying to support the venerable genre and its passionate community, these developers have brought together a grim and highly detailed horror story in what is the largest, possibly even the first, game project of its kind. Talents include crew from renowned indie companies Senscape, CBE Software, Infamous Quests, Digital Media Workshop, Guys from Andromeda, and many more.
    But Serena has a reason to exist, and it is basically something nobody ever did before. It is a game made to unite the community around adventure games genre.

    Vía @JesusFabre

    Some awesome film and music resources from the 80's.

    Do you like the Eighties? here at BeautiFun we love everything related to pop-culture, comics, music, films from that era, so we couldn't do less than share with you this recent film project Marcos found on Kickstarter. It's called Kung Fury:

    Thanks to this film we discovered its musician, Mitch Murder, a true wizard who captures the spirit of the 80s in their albums. Check out his site:

    Do you want to know some more 80s music, also movies, radio, and artists in general? then here you have one of the ultimate resources online. Check out NewRetro Wave, updated with more and more content every month!

    Vía @sueythelaw

    SUPERHOT, a breath of fresh air into FPS mechanics. 

    This pasts week we have been talking about this game, SUPERHOT was born out of the 7DFPS movement, where a nice bunch of developers met to create FPS games that innovated in some aspect (gameplay, aesthetics). What could happen if we took a regular FPS, but tuned it to make the time to progress in the same measure our character moves?

    This conversation came to the table because our friend Jordi, from Deconstructeam, invited Kevin to participate on this interesting discussion about game design, check it out but remember its in Spanish!

    Vía @JesusFabre

    The Floor is Jelly is out!

    Our friend Ramón Nafria announced this week on Videoshock that this funny and curious indie platformer is out, check out the trailer:

    We haven't tried it yet, but at least after reading the description on their site, it seems promising:
    Who hasn't dreamt, at some point, of filling a pool full of jello and swimming in it? In some of us, that dream never died. Some of us kept dreaming: what if the whole street was jello? Or the continent? The world!? The Floor is Jelly posits a universe made of jello, made purely for one's own amusement. No longer need we look to our walls and our floors and sigh, "How solid! How sadly immalleable! How I wish for a world consisting only of Non-Newtonian fluids!" That world has arrived, via the dark magic of videogames, as The Floor is Jelly.
    Vía @Naeval

    Here you can check out our previous issue of BeautiFun Weekly: News and Discoveries.

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