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Nihilumbra walkthroughs

By : arie cell

Stuck in one of Nihilumbra's cruel puzzles?
Need a light to guide you through the infinite darkness of The Void?
Don't find any way to place thad damned box on top of that stupid button?

We've got the solution!

You can find walkthroughs for the whole game in our youtube channel:


For all the game? -you'll say- NOPE! -we'll answer. We didn't want to publish walkthroughs for the Void mode, since we consider that its challenging difficulty is part of the appealing of this mode.

However, we can't stop BeautiFans from publishing their own videos, like Quan Nguyen, who has published walkthroughs for the entire Void mode. If you are really desperate for help and you seek for the solution on his videos remember to thank him, not us.

All the walkthroughs can be found on Quan Nguyen's profile. Here's the link (we can be evil sometimes, but not enough to talk about the videos without posting a link): http://www.youtube.com/user/reddevils235

Enjoy your escape from The Void!

BeautiFun Games' new project

By : arie cell
There's still a lot more to do with Nihilumbra. We are still fighting to get enough votes to go through the greenlight process, and we are planning to port it to some other platforms as well.

However, in the meantime we've been working in a new game, that we call by the name of Megamagic. It's radically different from the previous one, but it's going to keep all the things that made Nihilumbra a great game.

It's something bigger and better, and (guess what) it's related with magic. We can't show anything right now, except for this mysterious and apparently meaningless picture (which is, ironically, really important to explain the plot of the game):

The Lion and the Dragon

If you want to gather more info about the game, keep paying attention to our blog, or follow us on our disconcerting Facebook page, were we will spontaneously keep posting stuff.

It’s a kind of magic
There can be only one
This race that lasts a thousand years
Will soon be done
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