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Meet Born.

By : arie cell
This is Born. I mean... he is Born at the beggining of the game. And he keeps being Born later.
His mere existance is shrouded in mistery. He wasn't supposed to be alive or to have individual thinking, but one day he suddenly appeared in the middle of the supreme void.
His body is made from nothing at all and there's nothing inside it. Inexplicably he started walking by itself, and escaped from the void.
Then he appeared in the world. Like a newborn surrounded by cold and snow, he started his journey trying to learn more about the world that he had just discovered. Like a curious little child that has never been able to decide by himself.
But the void is not going to allow that. It wants to be completed again. It will chase Born relentlessly, like a huge black hole attracted by a gravitational force, deleting everything it finds on its way.
Vanishing the whole world and sinking it into oblivion if it's necessary.


By : arie cell
It's been a long time since the latest update on the blog.
We have been focused on improving the game and creating more content to show.
And now is the moment to start dropping some information.
First of all: our first game's logo.

  • The absence of anything; nothing.


  • A shadow.

These two words are really significant in our game. You will understand it better when we explain the plot. On another post. Or posts, because is a really long plot.

We have another logo, which is not official, but it's interesting.
Is this one:
Sadly, there are not pirates in our game. Not even a single one. But the logo rocks.

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