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Ecce Born

By : arie cell
We asked for some help to improve the graphics of our game, and make Born look shinier and better. A lovely lady from Spain recommended us this aesthetic.

What do you think? Pretty awesome, isn't it?

The Creature

By : arie cell
Talking about indie games...
Have you heard about this one?

This awesome looking game is called The Creature. It's been created by a bunch of students using Unreal Engine. But... why do we talk about it on the BeautiFun Games' blog?
Pol Urós, one of our programmers, and Kevin Cerdà, the game designer, worked (a lot, actually!) in the development of The Creature. This means that The Creature is a game with (more or less) the same kind of spirit as Nihilumbra! Yay!

An awesome game with awesome puzzles as well!
The legend of The Creature:
“A long time ago, there was an incredible creature with outstanding powers wandering freely around the world.
It brought chaos and destruction everywhere it passed and no one was able to face it.
But one day, the seven heroes of the light joined their forces to fight the evil foe, in a long and glorious battle that lasted one hundred years.
Finally, they realized that it was impossible to destroy the creature, and they decided to split it into seven pieces and hide them deeply into a giant dark cave and pray for the creature to remain slept.
But now, thousands of years later, the creature has awakened.
It’s hungry, but it has something to do before feeding… it needs to find all the parts of it’s body to be completed and reach the surface once again.”

Here you can find the trailer:

And an unbelievable teaser (Highly recommended):

So... what else do you need? Hurry up and download the game!
Did I say that it's available FOR FREE!?
http://thecreatureproject.wordpress.com/download/ (the download requires patience).

Hope you enjoy it!

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