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Nihilumbra is Gold!

By : arie cell
It's been a long time since we started developing Nihilumbra. A little bit more than a year!
The game is really huge; it has lots of levels, enemies, animations, colors... we've been polishing every detail and the game is finally ready.
We are going to test it during this week and it will be submitted to the Apple store before this weekend. This means that it will be available for purchase in two or three weeks. Hurray!!

Gold is the last stage of the development. Alpha. Beta. Gold... release!

On the next days we are going to post information about the game and its characters, fancy wallpapers, trailers, gameplay videos and lotsa stuff that was confidentially confidential, so... forget about the E3!! The sleeper of this year is right in front of you!

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Meet our team!

By : arie cell
Bongiorno guys!

As you can see, we are experiencing some changes on the blog. Everything looks cooler now, and there are some weird icons appearing randomly with the faces of He-man characters (Just ignore that, it will go away sooner or later).

The fact is that our first game is almost ready, it has already been finished and tested and we are preparing some stuff to publish it. That means that you will be able to play it really soon!
And it means another thing... that this blog is gonna start for real. Stay tuned to learn some stuff about the game, meet its characters, learn about the development, future projects, the meaning of life... whatever.

But as an inauguration present I'd like to show you the team that created Nihilumbra.

We are Lourdes, Pol, Kevin, Freya and Aniol from left to right and yes, we are in the middle of Nihilumbra's world desert, sitting on office chairs. That's one of the privileges of being a game developer.
Lourdes and Freya are the awesome artists that drew everything in Nihilumbra's game, from the smallest rock to the creepiest monster.
Pol and Aniol are the mighty programmers that created the rules of physics and logic inside the game, allowing the players to change the environment with colors and run, jump and bounce safely.
And Kevin is the game designer, that's why he's smiling at the center of the picture.

Pleased to meet you. Now that you know us, you'll have to buy our games to prevent us from starving to death.


BeautiFun Team.

3HMA & New Blog Design

By : arie cell
Hello everyone, The new redesigned web page is here! But that's not the only good new!
Nihilumbra has won the Public's Favourite Award in the Three Headed Monkey Awards (3HMA). This is really important for us, because it means that lots of people are supporting our game.

Soon Nihilumbra will be launched, and it will fulfill all your expectations.


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