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Nihilumbra needs you!

By : arie cell
Dear Nihilumbra lovers, or occasional visitors… WE NEED YOUR HELP!
Nihilumbra is almost finished, but as you know, we decided to compete in a videogame contest to prove out myth.
Our game is submitted in the Three Headed Monkey Awards. To be able to compete with the other games, we need people’s vote. So… please!! If you like our game, get into this website and vote it! We need it so light can shine in our lives again!
If you don’t vote our game, the jury won’t even take a look at it and they will never realize that the game is awesome. That would be a pitty. And kittens may die as well. So… please…

Nihilumbra in the Three Headed Monkey Awards

By : arie cell
Hello folks!
The game is in its latest stage of development and we really want to start showing a little bit more of it.
So here's a little video to show some of the gameplay posibilites. There's still a lot to see, but we want you people to start seeing what it's all about.

As you can see, it's a really big game. We have five different worlds and there are eight levels on each one. There are lots of different enemies too, and the combination of colors gives you thousands of ways to deal with the obstacles that you will find in your path for survival.

We will use this video presentation to submit the game in the Three headed monkey awards. Soon the projects entered in the contest will be public and people will vote for their favourite ones. We hope to count on your help if you like our game!

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