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Verbalíada 2013

By : arie cell
This Sunday we attended to a very particular event, the Verbalíada.
The Verbalíada is a really special contest, like a quiz show, where young boys from Catalonia compete using their wits to solve peculiar riddles.

-Photo from Francesc Meseguer-
 There were 135 participants that already proved their might during the qualifying rounds that took place in libraries all around Catalonia. These brave contestants had to fight during three rounds to earn a place up in the stage and claim victory.

There were lots of different prices for the first fifteen winners, but these prices were not economical. The lucky kids that managed to earn a prize had to choose between different experiences such as being a journalist for one day, watch a theater rehearsal or visiting an awesome videogame's development studio called Beautifungames. Yes. Us.

If you were one of the winners, you'd had to choose between THIS.

Actually, the top winner, Jordi Fortuny Profitós, the first one to choose any prize, chose to visit us!
Soon, him and Pau Magester Carrasco (another lucky winner), will come to our office to see, first-hand, the intrincate process of videogame development which involves nerdy programmers, hysteric artists, tyrannical designers and lots of youtube videos, featuring mainly kittens.
We'd better prepare something awesome to do here, because the expectations are high.

Aniol & Lourdes, in representation of Beautifun games. Behind them, a guy who is really scared of developers.

And here's an evidence that proves that this whole story is real. Aniol climbed to the stage to deliver the prize with a charming smile and gangsta attitude.

And here's Aniol, standing in the stage like a boss. Tony Vercetti style.
And here's him again, standing in Vice City. But that's another story for another time.

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