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By : arie cell
There's someone new in town! And his name is Born!
You may know him, he's our main character; that awesome ninja (or monk) with shiny eyes, created from the Void; the one that has to fight for his right to exist using the colors that will learn from the world, while trying to become one of its legit inhabitants...

But he's more than that! He is becoming so freaking famous that he's starting to appear on unlikely places. We call this phenomenon Bornification.

The Best Dictionary in the World (TBDW Royal) describes Bornification as...
Bornification: the act of turning something into a bad joke with Born, the main character of Nihilumbra. Awesome game, by the way.

And here are some examples!

Do you like them? Why don't you send us some creative Bornifications? We'd love to see them on our facebook wall, or our BeautiForum! The best ones will receive a special gift!
Hint: The special gift is true love. No money.

Best Videogame Award Generació Digital 2012

By : arie cell
Yesterday night, we assisted in the Generació Digital party in Moritz brewery in Barcelona, and Nihilumbra won the award to Best Videogame.

Thank everyone for your support!
A closer look to the award:

You can follow Generació Digital in twitter @gendigital

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