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App Store Best of 2012: Nihilumbra!

By : arie cell
Nihilumbra has been featured in the best Apps of 2012 by Apple, and that's awesome! Thanks!
We are in the Hidden Gems category.

You can check it out at iTunes here: www.itunes.com/appstorebestof2012

Also, congratulations to our friends from SuperMegaTeam as SuperMagical has also been featured. If you already finished Nihilmbra and look for some fun you should try it ;)

Beautifun Games at DAU Barcelona

By : arie cell

Kevin Cerdà, our beloved game designer will participate in a speech about game design in DAU Barcelona. The event will take place tomorrow, Saturday 15th  at 18:00.

DAU Barcelona is a convention about board games and will be running a lot of activities today and this weekend. Check it out here: http://www.todosobredaubarcelona.info/

Dutch Game Awards 2012

By : arie cell
Nihilumbra was nominated for the "Guts and Glory" award, the international category in the Dutch Game Awards 2012. The award finally went to the game Back to Bed, but we got a great time there and we are very proud to had been nominated.

Here's a proof (that place was a bit too dark):

Congratulations to all the nominees and to the winners!

BeautiFun Games is hiring!

By : arie cell
We have to announce a terrible new... Freya, our beloved 2D artist and animator left our team. She is a great professional and an awesome friend and it's sad to see her go, so we wish her the best luck with her life!
We want to dedicate her this song:

Right now we are looking for a new minion to join our developer team of darkness, a new soldier to enlist our fearless squad of indie awesomeness, a new BeautiFun member of joy and joyness!
It must be someone who lives near our office, because we have a chair waiting for him/her.

We have already received lots of CVs and we can say that it's going to be really difficult to choose someone. There's a lot of talent around here!

I should stop putting those Born faces everywhere... They are starting to look weird.

Great time at the "Salon del Manga"

By : arie cell
BeautiFun was there.

Lots of people came to see us in the Mision Tokyo stand and they had loads of fun trying the PC version of Nihilumbra.
We also made a contest to give away some free copies of the game, and these are the winners:

Antonio - buzon….@……..
Alba - albat…….@……..
Rubikolh - rubik……..@………
Gabriel - genzo……..@………
Nerea - conoc……..@………
Jaime - boku………..@……..
Alberto - ne……………@……..
Sandra - sandrag…………@………
Marc - marc.l………….@………
Javier - taij………..@……..

An email has already been sent to all the winners. Congratulations!!

We also want to thank the people from Mision Tokyo and Videoshock for helping us and allowing us to be there. They are awesome and we love them.
And thanks to everyone who came to visit us in the stand. Even if you didn't win a free copy of the game, we hope that you had a great time with us! Now go and buy Nihilumbra. Now!

Salon del Manga in Barcelona? Yeah, we'll be there.

By : arie cell

BeautiFun Games will be attending to the incredible and extra-awesome Salon del Manga in Barcelona!
We'll be there presenting the PC and Mac version of the game, and we will make a contest! Everybody who come to see us will be able to play one of the new minigames. The 10 most ranked players will get free codes to download the iOS version of Nihilumbra! Cool! Yay! Exciting!

You can find us on the Mission Tokyo stand from on Friday and Saturday. Search for somebody with a BeautiFun shirt!

So, if you come, or you know something who comes... don't miss the chance of knowing the BeautiFun Team, and have fun with us!

See you there!


Nihilumbra is coming to PC and Mac.

By : arie cell

Trailer made by Brauni Studios

Nihilumbra is finally coming to Steam.

After numerous requests from critics, fans and reviewers alike, Nihilumbra has been ported for release on Steam!
The game has been improved and enhancedsolely for this purpose, with lots of new features that make this version a must have for all independent game lovers:
  • New HD Textures.
  • Improved and Fully Remastered Soundtrack with a NEW SONG. (by Furius Music)
  • Playable minigames (control the enemies!)
  • Art gallery.
  • Reimagined and intuitive controls and menus.
  • Still no achievements, DLCs or inapp purchases.
  • Improved atmospheric and weather effects.

Here you can find some screenshots of unreleased content of this new version:

Are you curious about how the new fully remastered soundtrack sounds? Well, check this amazing demo!

Well, we're sure that this will be a welcome release for non iOS users and the Steam community. However, the Steam Greenlight system is quite strict and requires sufficient votes before the game will be available.

And help us to spread the word!

New update with Russian translation incoming

By : arie cell
Beautifun Games are proud to announce the addition of Russian language to Nihilumbra, in the following weeks the update will be available to download from the Apple Store.

We want to thank all the Russian-speaking players for the great acceptance the game has had. This update is dedicated to all of you!

Thanks to Serg Bocheyko for the translation.

Here are some sample screens of the Russian version of the game (click to enlarge):

Ecce Born

By : arie cell
We asked for some help to improve the graphics of our game, and make Born look shinier and better. A lovely lady from Spain recommended us this aesthetic.

What do you think? Pretty awesome, isn't it?

The Creature

By : arie cell
Talking about indie games...
Have you heard about this one?

This awesome looking game is called The Creature. It's been created by a bunch of students using Unreal Engine. But... why do we talk about it on the BeautiFun Games' blog?
Pol Urós, one of our programmers, and Kevin Cerdà, the game designer, worked (a lot, actually!) in the development of The Creature. This means that The Creature is a game with (more or less) the same kind of spirit as Nihilumbra! Yay!

An awesome game with awesome puzzles as well!
The legend of The Creature:
“A long time ago, there was an incredible creature with outstanding powers wandering freely around the world.
It brought chaos and destruction everywhere it passed and no one was able to face it.
But one day, the seven heroes of the light joined their forces to fight the evil foe, in a long and glorious battle that lasted one hundred years.
Finally, they realized that it was impossible to destroy the creature, and they decided to split it into seven pieces and hide them deeply into a giant dark cave and pray for the creature to remain slept.
But now, thousands of years later, the creature has awakened.
It’s hungry, but it has something to do before feeding… it needs to find all the parts of it’s body to be completed and reach the surface once again.”

Here you can find the trailer:

And an unbelievable teaser (Highly recommended):

So... what else do you need? Hurry up and download the game!
Did I say that it's available FOR FREE!?
http://thecreatureproject.wordpress.com/download/ (the download requires patience).

Hope you enjoy it!


By : arie cell
There's someone new in town! And his name is Born!
You may know him, he's our main character; that awesome ninja (or monk) with shiny eyes, created from the Void; the one that has to fight for his right to exist using the colors that will learn from the world, while trying to become one of its legit inhabitants...

But he's more than that! He is becoming so freaking famous that he's starting to appear on unlikely places. We call this phenomenon Bornification.

The Best Dictionary in the World (TBDW Royal) describes Bornification as...
Bornification: the act of turning something into a bad joke with Born, the main character of Nihilumbra. Awesome game, by the way.

And here are some examples!

Do you like them? Why don't you send us some creative Bornifications? We'd love to see them on our facebook wall, or our BeautiForum! The best ones will receive a special gift!
Hint: The special gift is true love. No money.

Best Videogame Award Generació Digital 2012

By : arie cell
Yesterday night, we assisted in the Generació Digital party in Moritz brewery in Barcelona, and Nihilumbra won the award to Best Videogame.

Thank everyone for your support!
A closer look to the award:

You can follow Generació Digital in twitter @gendigital

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