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Evil makers

By : arie cell

A "making of" update!
This time we'll show you some sketches and concepts of the enemies in our game.
They have evolved a lot since these firsts designs. We've been working to make them look creepy, sticky, strange, dangerous and weird.
Now they are fancy and cool, but it's always amusing to check the origins and see where they come from:

Trying other pencil colors.

This one is starting to look awesome. But it's not good enough.

Here you can find better concepts, though they were still not ready:

Enemy concepts

And some of the almost final versions:

As you can see, we have many different foes. All of them are part of the void, just like Born. The main difference is that these monsters have no free will.
Their only objective is to wander through the world, seeking for Born in order to swallow him and return him to the void.

We will introduce them one by one and show their skills and attributes on further updates. Don't lose track!

The world of Nihilumbra

By : arie cell

This is the world of our game.
Born is born in a different place, in the emptiness of the void, but he escapes and he appears in the coldest place of the planet.
The character’s journey goes from the cold to the heat. From the frozen feelings of a new hearth that has never felt and eyes that have never seen; to the comfortable warm of the knowledge, the experience and the love for the world he is discovering. While the traveler keeps learning, and slowly becoming more alive and self-aware, the world seems to accompany him, as it changes from a frozen mountain to a burning volcano.
It's an entire world filled with wonderful things that Born has never seen before. He just wants to know more and more about it, to keep travelling, keep discovering, keep feeling warmer and better... But he's paying a high price.
The void will never stop chasing him and it will vanish everthing that Born sees or touches. All the whole world is doomed and will vanish forever if Born remains alive and escaping.

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